My little kitchen for all

Nadia Sammut text
Agathe Hennig illustrations

This time it's for the little ones that Nadia is inventing risk-free receipts!

A brand new collection published by Ah!

Cooking is green!
Let’s eat local, seasonal, and allergen-free!

A funny children’s cookbook who deals with allergen-free cooking.

The author, Nadia Sammut, (who suffers from the coeliac disease) is the first one star Michelin chef to incorporate allergen free cuisine.

This book offers recipes with ingredients that children can make by themselves, like turning grains into various flours.
So they can eat safely and deliciously like this « crepe mille trous » made with chickpea flour for example!

ISBN 979 10 94830 1 92
150/215 - 32 pages - cardboard cover - recycled paper

14,80 €

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