My little kitchen using leftovers

Sonia Ezgulian text
Agathe Hennig illustrations

This time it's for the little ones that Sonia is inventing anti-waste recipes!

A brand new collection published by Ah!

Cooking is green!
Let’s eat local, seasonal, and use up the leftovers!

A funny children’s cookbook who focuses on using leftovers, to reduce food waste.

Sonia Ezgulian is a well known journalist and chef writing books and participating on french radio shows .her recipes are inventive and delicious!

A very original way to approach cooking from an early age without wasting food.

From leftover pizzas! …to radish tops made into pesto!

ISBN 979 10 94830 1 85
150/215 - 32 pages - cardboard cover - recycled paper

14,80 €

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