My little kitchen seafood

Justine Piluso textes
Agathe Hennig illustrations

This time it will be for the little ones that Justine Piluso will imagine 100% seafood created recipes!

Cooking is green!
Eating waste-free sustainable fishery products and developing one’s taste sensations!

Justine has lived only for the joy of cooking ever since she was a little girl.
After her culinary course at the Bocuse Institute she has carried out a number of experiences

She has been impassioned for seafood, seaweed and fish after working in Marseille on the shore of the mediteranean sea.

She stood out for her strong personality on the M6 Top Chef french culinary contest. Justine is always in a good mood, full of energy, that’s her way of life... And it’s greatly contagious!

ISBN 979 109 4830 2 15
150/215 - 32 pages - cardboard cover - recycled paper

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