Saving Miss Turtle !

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Annette Marnat illustrations
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The Ecological Investigations of Jean-Bernard and Miss Turtle

A small book series where animals teach men how to behave with nature!

Through a quirky and fun work of fiction, these children's books discuss ecology issues.

Illustrator Annette Marnat and author Michel Hutt cleverly tackle many hot topics such as permaculture and water pollution.

Who did it?!
Awakening Ms. Turtle in her hibernation, on Christmas Eve, as we’re in a bitter cold at Le Bois de Courbelette?

Jean - Bernard, Miss Turtle’s sidekick, comes to the rescue with other forest animals. Once Miss Turtle is warmed, there beings a long wandering from one burrow to anotherto find her a safe shelter.

At the end of this book, a great way to get real information, as with all of these books, there are explanations and overviews of all the different concepts referred to, in the storyline.

The Annette Marnat’s illustrations are beautiful and a bit old fashioned, made in watercolor.

ISBN 979 10 94830 17 8
170 x 230 mm / 6.65 x 9 inches, 32 pages


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